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August 19, 1999
Story & photos by Jenny Mount

Avalon Bay News Article

On Monday, August 16, [1999], 68 baseball enthusiasts gathered at Avalon Schools ball field to participate in The AABA. The academy was formed 15 years ago by Joe Magno and Dave Snow in St. Petersburg, Florida. The AABA expanded to Long Beach, CA three years ago and is recognized as the best baseball academy in Southern California.

“Even though the program is an advanced program, it works for the kids” said Joe Magno. It focuses on developing those fast twitch muscles (quickness) and hand vision through the use of advance training equipment such as lightning sticks, bat racks, vision rings and paddle gloves. Coach Joe Magno, Director of AABA, actually was the inventor of 7 different Baseball Training devices which are being used in the clinic. A donation of these devices will be made to Avalon High School to help develop the high school player’s skills. Joe will also donate his time to the Little League program in Avalon with a coaches seminar in January 2000.

With a week long program in Avalon, the kids will learn a lot after attending the clinic. With the basic fundamentals of hitting, fielding, pitching, catching, agility and strength training, young players will to fine tune their baseball skills. The day begins at 9:00 a.m. and continues until 2:00 p.m. If you have a chance to see this high tech training program, stop by the ball field.

With this being the second year for this program the interest is certainly growing. Thirty-four local kids participated this year versus last year’s 18. And the mainland kids jumped from 14 to 34 participants. The mainland kids are camping at the schools ball field, which makes it convenient for the kids.

Eight coaches: Steve Doherty, former Diamond Back player; Joe Magno, former Cincinnati Reds Association Scout; Jason Minicci, former Indians player; Jason Foote, Long Beach State Trainer; Chris Vierra, Assistant Director of All American Baseball League; and Tim McCarthy, a former Diamond Back, were on hand to coach the baseball enthusiasts. Dave Snow who coached two Olympic teams was unable to attend this year’s clinic.

Next year this will be two clinics held in Avalon sometime in July and August [August 2000].

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