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Episode #7 – Talent and Work Ethic

What’s more important? Talent or work ethic? As baseball players what should we be investing our focus on?

Is having a plan or strategy the deciding factor to success on the field rather than natural born talent?

All very important question […]

Episode # 5 – Bigger, Faster, Stronger


Here is the truth. As a baseball player, you’re always getting better. You’re developing your physical, mental and emotional skills just by participating.

Now when you become to consciously work on your development, that is when you start to experience […]

Episode #4 – Preparing Your Club For College Baseball

Welcome back everyone to the Mister Baseball Pod-Cast. We went on a 2 week hiatus but we’re back and ready to roll.

In this week’s podcast we’ll be talking about what players should be thinking about in terms of positioning […]

Episode # 3 – Dealing With Failure


Hello again everyone!

In Episode # 3 of the Mister Baseball Podcast , Joe Magno talks about how the old adage ” Failure isn’t an option” is in many ways an¬†ineffective¬†mentality.

Instead, Joe talks about how adopting the idea that “failure […]

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    The Art of Running a KILLER Baseball Practice: Mister Baseball: Pod Cast 02

The Art of Running a KILLER Baseball Practice: Mister Baseball: Pod Cast 02


In this week’s Mister Baseball Podcast Episode, Joe Magno and Mark Brooks discusses the ins and outs of running an effective practice regiment.

In this podcast Mark will also share some of his favorite bat-speed hitting mechanic philosophies and approaches.

What […]

Mister Baseball Summer Baseball Camp


Joe Magno of Mister Baseball will be hosting the 2013 summer baseball camp.

If you’re ready to hit the ground running and are excited about challenging yourself as a baseball player, join Joe Magno this summer and learn the newest

How […]

Joe Magno Interview on Bat-Speed and Hydration

New Interview with Joe Magno and Mark Brooks from Art of Baseball.

Hey everyone! Really excited to share with you an interview with me and my new friend Mark Brooks.

Mark runs a similar baseball site and has reached out to […]

Mister Baseball has gone viral!

Thank you for visiting, home of the Deflector Glove and Lightning Stick. Please become a fan of Mister Baseball on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Make sure to also stop by our YouTube channel to check out […]