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Dealing With Off Field & On Field Problems.

How do you get an entire team to buy into the mission of a ball club?

How do help player make better decision that serve as a positive consequence on their careers?

In this weeks episode of The Mister Baseball Podcast, […]

Big Bear Grizzly Article

Big Bear Grizzly
April 2008

Local kids learn from Mr. Baseball

On April 27th, 23 local youth baseball players joined Mr. Baseball Joe Magno, for a four hour clinic.

Arriving from Long Beach, Magno and his crew took the players through warm-up exercices […]

Avalon Bay News Article

The Avalon Bay News©
August 19, 1999
Story & photos by Jenny Mount

On Monday, August 16, , 68 baseball enthusiasts gathered at Avalon Schools ball field to participate in The AABA. The academy was formed 15 years ago by Joe Magno […]

ESPN Article on Mister Baseball

Follow Your Nose
By Christine Ziegler & Steve Sullivan

Here are a couple of pointers for starting your own business:

First, choose something you love to do, since you’re probably going to be doing a lot of it. Most successful entrepreneurs aren’t […]