Dear Parent/Coach of Baseball or Softball player:

Do You Ever Get Frustrated When You See Your Son, Daughter, or Players:

  • Often Struggle when fielding grounders?
  • Make errors during games?
  • Unable to turn double plays often?
  • Not fast enough to throw runners out?
  • Bobble balls at the wrong times during games?
  • Get intimidated of hard hit grounders?
  • Let grounders go between their legs?
  • Drop fly balls?
  • Lack fielding skills to play well?

The Results of Such Bad Habits?

  • More Mistakes/Errors Made!
  • More Base Runners Advancing!
  • More Runs Scored!
  • More Games Lost For Your Child’s Team!
  • Lower Confidence in Your Child’s Playing Ability!
  • And Less Enjoyment of The Game

The 5 Common Mistakes That Occur When Your Child Doesn’t Use Their 2 Hands Properly And Has a Habit of Relying on Their Glove’s Webbing When Fielding Balls:

  1. They don’t keep their back parallel to the ground and use their quadriceps to get low enough when fielding grounders – making themselves vulnerable to balls going under their legs.
  2. They get ‘lackadaisical’ (lazy) at times and use one hand when fielding – increasing the chance of the ball hitting off of the heel of glove to bounce away since other hand is not there or for the ball to go under their glove – resulting in an error made.
  3. They retract (pull back) their hands when fielding grounders – which will cause them to lose sight of the ball which can either go through their legs and/or give the ball more hops resulting in a bad hop and/or an error made.
  4. They take MORE time to get the ball out to make double plays or hit the cut-off or relay – due to the fact that the glove’s webbing envelopes (closes) over the ball making it slower to come out. This results in slower hands causing slower ball transfer!
  5. They have a habit of bending and reaching for the ball with one hand which opens them up to making lots of mistakes and errors instead of fielding the ball properly. Again, by relying on the gloves webbing, they don’t get low enough to the ground.

The Strategy That Eliminates Poor Fielding:

2 Hand Deflection Techniques Like Major League Players Use!

Two Handed Fielding

You see, professional players DON’T close their glove when fielding balls. What major league players do is they allow the ball to DEFLECT from the PALM of their glove (not the webbing) to their BARE HAND when fielding balls by making a quick exchange. This is called a “re-direct.” This is done instantaneously to give them a quick transfer.

That’s how these players are able to turn double plays, hit the cut – offs, and throw runners out quickly at this level. When they field balls this way, it keeps their body low to the ground and they’re able to see the ball much better besides use correct fielding mechanics perfectly. That’s why their professionals!

If professional players rely on their glove’s webbing to field balls, too much time would elapse since they would have to reach in with their throwing hand to get the ball OUT OF THE WEBBING to throw runners out. This would also prevent them from using proper fielding mechanics, making them vulnerable to errors.

The only time professional players USE their glove’s webbing when fielding grounders is when they try to get at a ball hit out of their range by diving, reaching, or jumping up for it. That’s the only time they use it, and it should be the only time a player should use their glove’s webbing when fielding balls.


A Regular Glove Won’t Teach Your Child Proper 2 Hand Deflection Techniques With Proper Fielding Mechanics!

Why Is This? Simple. Because A Regular Glove Can Easily Close And Has a Web Which Envelopes Around The Ball.

  • Since This Is The Case, Most Players – Especially Young Kids Will Still Have a Habit of Using One Hand and Rely On Their Glove’s Webbing To Field Balls.
  • This Will Always Happen, Regardless of How Many Different Drills They Practice Because It’s So Easy For Them To Get Lackadaisical.
  • This Will Continually Make Them Vulnerable To Making Errors Since It Prevents Them From Using Proper Body Position And Proper Fielding Mechanics As Explained Above.
  • Unfortunately, Many Youth Coaches and Instructors DON’T Know This And/or DON’T Know How To Properly Fix This Problem Regardless of How Many Different Types of Drills They Practice.
  • Unless He or She Changes Their Habit of Relying on Their Glove’s Webbing To Field Balls, They Will Continue To Make More Mistakes/Errors During Games.


Here’s The #1 Method Tested and Tried By Major League Players, Coaches, and Instructors That Trains Your Child To Use 2 Hand Deflection Techniques Exactly Like a Major Leaguer To Help Them Become All Star Players Overnight!

It was over 10 years ago that I tested and tried something that had GUARANTEED RESULTS when it came to helping any youth baseball or softball player regardless of age or ability to become a GREAT FIELDER on their team.

My students were introduced to this training tool several years ago and the results were instantaneous. Their fielding abilities improved TEN FOLD. I saw 1 out of 10 succeeding as consistent fielders with few or no errors to eventually seeing 100% of all my students committing virtually no fielding errors during games.

This training tool not only produced tremendous results in my players’ fielding and catching abilities, but it also INCREASED THEIR SELF CONFIDENCE LEVEL AND SELF ESTEEM WHICH BECAME EVIDENT BY THEIR PLAY ON THE FIELD! That’s when I knew I had developed a great training tool for fielding.

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Here’s what people are saying about The Deflector Glove:

“It’s a GREAT training tool!”
Mike Brumley – Texas Rangers Infield Coach

“This is one of the BEST training tools I’ve seen in a long time. It’s really great and really softens up the hands and the wrists.”
Dale Murphy – Former All Star MVP – Atlanta Braves

“THE most innovative inventions of the year!”
High School and College Baseball Coaches Convention Committee – January 2007 – Orlando, Florida

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