Dear Parents and Players:

I’d like to personally welcome you to my baseball training website. It has been my life’s goal to create an opportunity for kids to learn to become better baseball players through a system of training I’ve been cultivating for more than 28 years.

This is a proven system of training that utilizes various training tools and drills that fundamentally change the student’s bio-mechanics and form for optimal player performance. To date, there are over 15 players in the major and minor leagues that have been through the training system.

I am proud to tell you that during my first year as Head Coach of Mayfair High School we implemented all of the techniques, tools and drills and the results were a 2011 Suburban League Championship! This was one of only three team championships of the 40-year league history.

I am confident that there will be many more to come.

At Mr. Baseball, our goal is twofold: 1) To offer camps that cultivate individual talent as a baseball player and 2) To instill an awareness of the importance of life values.

I’ve been the owner of this baseball camp for 25 years, conducting over 1000 camps and 25,000 private lessons. I am  a former college baseball coach, a former Associate Scout for the Cincinnati Reds, and a former bench coach for the former Western Minor League Champions, Long Beach’s Breakers. Along with my experience, I provide a highly skilled staff to assist in both the coaching and camp experiences.

My staff:  Curt Lee, has conducted over 1000 private lessons and has assisted in over 600 camps. Coach Lee is former Long Beach State Dirtbag team member and has  competed as a Northern League Player with the Sioux City Explorers. Joshua Banda is a former Colorado Rockies and currently Assistant Head Coach of Mayfair High School in Lakewood, CA. Other coaches include Mike Carpenter, Brian Steiner, Brandon Rice, Dylan Gaylord, Tyler Showe and others.

My professional staff  is trained to reinforce the techniques unique to Mr. Baseball Training Camps.

Mr. Baseball Training Camps’ main goal is to teach both the basics and nuances of baseball and to reinforce the traditional values of organized sports: sportsmanship, teamwork, and determining and upholding personal values. We at Mr. Baseball believe that if our children learn the value of working individually towards their team’s common goal, they will learn a lesson that extends far beyond the baseball field.

I look forward to seeing you on the field!

Coach Joe Magno

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